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, and that will be important as well so we can compare the two. then we move into the debt limit, the debt ceiling deadline of may 19 which is the time, ladies and gentlemen, where we -- where if we can work together, if we can work together as the representatives of the people of this great country, come together and find the solutions that will get us on the progrowth path, because you can't balance the budget solely on raising taxes. you can't balance the budget solely on spending reductions. you got to get this economy rolling again. and for us that means appropriate fax reform. it means savings, strengthening and securing medicare and medicaid and social security. programs that are currently on a path for bankruptcy. it means adopting a sane energy policy in this country. to make it that we are independent -- energy independent, that we don't send money overseas over and over and recognizing we are a red tape regulation nation right now that's destroying the ability for small and large businesses to create jobs. pro-growth policies are what will actually get us out of the doldrums that we are in right
. the fight over the debt ceiling is back in play in mid may. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> 5:27. >> the latest on the breaking news out of college >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. here's a look at some of our top stories. police on the scene of a death investigation near the college park campus at the university of maryland. the university sent out and emergency alert to all students that said a shooting happened on campus. suspects were seen leaving in a honda odyssey. >> a successful nuclear test from north korea. the white house calls the latest test a highly provocative act. >> a financial plan for baltimore from stephanie rawlings-blake. having city employees contribute to their pensions. you can read more on our website, wbaltv.com. >> not to bed as far as the temperatures -- not toobad as far as the temperatures. 45 degrees at the airport. we will make it up to 50 this afternoon.
that has been pushing, cutting the budget since the debt ceiling crisis. i mean, that is what this came out of. and now they want to turn around and place it on obama, but on the other hand they want to kind of convince us that they would ultimately go through the sequester if push came to shove. >> steve, that was very rude of jay carney to remind us of what, to use numbers like the factual record. >> we can see this week -- in 2011, it happened twice, actually -- first, there was this continuing resolution fight early in 2011. republicans were ready to shut down the government over spending cut demands. and the white house, what we now see there is a report out that jack liu found ways to make phantom cuts, to protect the poor, and republicans didn't really look into it and accepted it. and said now we got our spending cuts. you're saying now, the debt ceiling showdown, you had a lot of republicans, leadership particularly who walked into this mess where they actually had their rank and file to do a debt default. they needed some way, any way out of it. so what the white house, the democr
raised the debt ceiling without spending cuts, is that a sign of understanding the art of legislating a little bit more, being more sophisticated in the ways of washington? >> it's a sign of recognizing opportunity in the next few months and give the president to reach out a hand and help us fix this country. >> reporter: all three lawmakers say they'll be listening for tonight. this is the beginning of the president's second term but they question whether or not his foe discuss on electing a democratic house than reaching out and getting something done the first two years of his last four years. >> dana, he also talked to them about lincoln. ed what what did they say? >> reporter: today is lincoln's birthday, people may not realize that. the president is entranced and taken back by the "lincoln" movie. i asked their perspective and got a really interesting few answers. the movie "lincoln" the president quotes and walks around the white house doing it. are there any lessons you can take from that going forward? >> i saw it three times. >> really? >> the biggest quote that resonated wi
tore president obama to derail this rally, now that we don't have to worry about the debt ceiling? >> not only debt ceiling but last tuesday he put up sequestration. we're not going to come to an agreement, a couple of solutions, kick that can down the road, time to think and talk about it. you saw it grind higher. not real volume. listen, you want them, pay up, we're happy to sell on the way up. >> we're going to talk about apple during the course of the session, course of the program. what is your takeaway from what tim cook said or didn't say today? >> listen, i think it's very interesting this whole conversation with what einhorn has now created with apple. this conversation ensuing. i like apple. i like apple where it is at the moment. >> did you like it all the way down. >> i said a long time ago when it started to crack at 700, you had to be careful. there's so many names we saw at the end of the year, get into it, push and push the way the market got ahead of itself. i fully expect the market will back off some. it needs to some. if you look it up, exactly what it did over
and the president will discuss the need to raise the debt ceiling as well. gun control is another key reason to watch the speech since we expect the president to continue his push for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons relatives of numerous victims of gun violence, plus victims themselves have been invited to the speech and are expected to be in the house gallery. in fact, the family of a chicago teenager who was shot to death last months will sit with the first lady. and if gun control and the economy don't peak your interest. the president is also expected to talk immigration reform, which incudes a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.. and we can also expect him to talk about his plans for the war in afghanistan specifically bringing down the number of troops, which currently stands at more than 60 thousand. dan kerman kron 4 news >> pam: the news came as a shock to the world's one - billion catholics today. the pope is retiring. that hasn't happened in nearly 600 years. as emily schmidt reports, there is already all kinds of debate. on the impac
, the president has been in the middle of debates regarding the fiscal cliff. the debt ceiling gun control and immigration reform. all the hot topics will likely make it into the president's remarks but the focal . from the beginning will be -- point from the again will be the economy and job creation in the u.s. unemployment rate climbed back up to 7.9% and monthly job creation remains modest as millions of americans still look for work. >> the economy will be central to the speech and how we grow the economy so ive can participate. -- so everybody can par test pay the a fair shot and pay your fair share. >> on gun control the white house invited a number of gun violence survivors to the chambers as the president will likely recommit to swift and sweeping action on gun regulation among those attending is the family of hadiya pendleton the family of the teen who was gunned down at a park in chicago. you can follow us throughout the day on twitter to get updates on the president's speech. what he has to say and the comments about that address. following the remarks which will be seen on abc
tonight. the debt ceiling will be back in mid may. >> who is on the guest list tonight? of facesseeing a lot in the crowd including people from newtown, connecticut, first responders. you also have guests representing health care, military life and immigration. along with the apple ceo and mrs. obama will be accompanied by the parents of a teenager killed in chicago. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> desperate times call for desperate measures. that is the message from mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she is looking for new ways to bring in revenue including having city employees contribute to their own pension. >> baltimore's pension system for civilian workers is the only large system in maryland that does not require an employer contribution. that must change. >> the mayor wants to reduce the property-tax rate. >> who will be elected to follow the pope? kim dacey joins us live in north baltimore with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning. baltimore's archbishops is commending pope benedict for acting in the best interest of the church. now people are talking about who may r
about the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff. earnings are going appended is helping why valuations are good. gerri: consumer health care? >> i like financial sleight of people said they will not repeat two years in a robe and they are. these stocks can go higher because they have tremendous earnings power and they own portfolios that are pushed up in the market. a good place to be. gerri: we will hold you to that. thank you for coming on. we appreciate your time. we will be back after this.ryisf . ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announcer ] hold packages at any fedex office location. today is gonna be an gimportant day for us. you ready? we w wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the
, that would happen with the debt ceiling but that wouldn't happen with the fiscal cliff, would it, michael? >> well, you never know. i'm not going to take the position other than people i've talked to, but a lot of them said hey you know, i'm worried about this because the economy is very fragile. when you start pulling defense spending and other things out of that economy who really knows? now. >> cenk: no, no, i would take that chance in a second. you're telling me i'm going to continue this bloated defense spending for the rest of time because it might hurt the economy? what about spending on the poor and middle class. nobody is concerned about that when we pull that out. oh that's fine. that wouldn't hurt the economy. that makes no sense. i'm afraid it's a lot of conservative framing and the president has bought into a lot of it, that even the tougher president obama is not that much of a progressive to begin with. >> well, i think the fascinating thing when you watch the program is the extent whatever they believe and wherever that is coming from and whatever the policies are the pers
with and really is the debt ceiling. lou: no problem with that. >> if you listen to the now they're trying to switch to this message. the number two guy in the house gave a speech at the american institute. american enterprise institute clearly talking, stressing quality of life issues for middle-class families. listen to what he says. the republican response to the state of the union. he will be talking about that. they are trying to picture of some of these fiscal fights to a more quality of life america economic well-being argument. lou: i think the pivot will be looking for it. cannot wait for the reality. and thank you both. >> thank you. lou: president obama awarded the medal of honor to clinton from a share, a former active duty army staff sergeant who fought off a 2009 television attack in afghanistan. the 31 year-old rallied 53 of our troops who obama's says were outnumbered, outgunned, almost overrun. it was a date as long fire fight against 300 heavily armed taliban and insurgence. a combat outpost, and isolated base located in eastern afghanistan. >> i accept this tremendous ho
? in the last couple of months, we have seen them back away on debt ceiling. you postponed that. where do you go? it appears that president obama has the upper hand. seems like republicans are moving in the direction of the path of citizenship. that's around if your district. what specifically are you united behind that differentiates you from the president and can get past both through the republican house which i'm sure you can do, but through the senate and signed by the president of the united states? >> the number one priority is the budget. if i that r they don't pass a budget, they won't be paid. the house laid out a plan to balance the budget which we will do in the next years am i wish the white house would put the same pressure behind the senate democrats. they haven't been introduced yet and the ceo will be at the state of the union. this is the first and foremost thing we can do is get a budget passed. the republicans are strong and that sets a plan to put us on a path to agreeing this economy. >> the economy is the largest issue that the american public cares the most about. an emot
that he says the republicans as vulnerable, as split. they caved on the debt ceiling issue. >> you're right. he definitely thinks he has their number and he will act like it. i do think there is a notion that i think you know every winning party, every second-term president i think, every victorious party in general overplays its hands, right? george bush did when he was reelected. republicans did when they seized control in 2010 of the house. i think, democrats know this feeling well. they always overplay their hand. they always read too much in an election. as i try to remind people. the president won an election, one of the consequences of which was raising taxes on the well to do. i think that is a fair consequence of an election he won and campaigned on that. he didn't win on the notion that he shouldn't address the ills of spending and debt that piled up to the degree they have. so a pox on both parties if they fail at this moment to seize this. but my worry about this otherwise very good news on the budget numbers is we're going to use it as an excuse not to address budget i
to discuss. >> reporter: the president is expected to discuss the need to release the debt ceiling and gun-control is another key reason. since we expect him to continue his requirement for background checks. victims themselves have been in fight did and in the house gallery. in fact, the family of the chicago teenager will sit with the first lady. and if the economy could not teach your interest? they're also expected to speak about immigration reform. a pathway of citizenship for all leavened illegal 11--11 illegal immigrants 11 million -- illegal immigrants. and to pare down the amount of troops in afghanistan. dan kerman, kron 4. >> and a reminder, you can watch the president's state of the union address live.on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. >> pam: people across the northeast are trying to get back to normal. after a massive blizzard bombarded the area friday. clean-up efforts are now underway as residents dig and clean up neighborhoods that got buried in snow. with snow totals topping three feet in some areas. and snow banks even higher-- people are running out
the way he did it in the debt ceiling deal? or does he think he has to ask his party to move, too? >> bret: bill, also in the excerpts he says tonight i'll lay out the additional proposals that are fully paid for. fully consistent with the budget framework. both parties agree to just 18 months ago. he says let me repeat. nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase the deficit by a single dime. there will be a lot of people who question the math, obviously, in all of that. >> there will be. but this president is extremely confident. he wants to steamroll the republicans. that is very clear on both domestic policy and foreign policy and defense policy. he agreed on nuclear weapons. he sold his starting agreement with russia saying don't worry, this is sort of the last cuts that will be negotiated and modernize the force. article in the front page yesterday no,, more cuts to nuclear weapons coming. hagel nomination along those lines. this is a president who thinks the republican party is weak and divided and unwilling to fight. a big question for me will be what will the republican response
of how we are approaching issues like the sequester, like the continuing resolution, and like the debt ceiling crisis. all of which are in front of us. to solve those, and resolve them s successfully for the country, the president does have to work with republicans. that's something he's had a hard time doing in his first term, and now it appears he doesn't want to work with them at all. and that's too bad. this isn't 2009. he doesn't have overwhelming majorities in both houses. to get something done, he'll have to bring a republican house on board to work with him, just like bill clinton did, it's not that hard to do. and he's going to have to work with a closely divided senate. so honestly, so far, we haven't seen much in terms of that tone or attitude. i'm hopeful we'll see a shift tonight, but frankly, i'm prepared to be disappointed. because i have been so far. >> well, congressman tom cole, thank you so much for coming on the program. >> thank you, chris. >>> the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting this morning after north korea's laterest nuclear test. early re
occur not on the debt ceiling but on the sequestration discussion. only with a balanced approach in an orderly way takes care of the alternative minimum tax. it takes care of the other cats and dogs that are out there. can you not have the major disruptions by get to where everybody is where they want to go? they would let you pick one where they do not need to raise revenues or they do not have a spending problem. both are patently incorrect. tomorrow is the state of the union address. the president has an opportunity to use the leadership of his office that only the president of united states can use. i think this is very much open to president obama as he takes to the house. he talks about the desire to work together for a true balanced approach, not a balanced approach that is not balanced. he could be met halfway by john boehner and the house republicans. that saves the country. it is my pleasure to call up my former budget committee chairman. it is nice to be part of a group with people you have read about in history books. this fellow i did serve with. jim nussle. >> thank
the fiscal cliff, december 31, we have the upcoming concern over the debt ceiling, the continuing resolution and so forth. it seems like we've been lurching from budget crisis to budget crisis. is there any way of majoring that or do you make an attempt to major the impact on decisions made within the economy and perhaps within your models regarding investments and so forth that might drive economic outcomes? >> senator, we do think that the ongoing uncertainty about federal budget policy represents a drag on spending and thus on incomes and jobs. but we don't know how to quantify that effect. there is economic research. we've had some of this presented at our meetings of our panel of economic advisors that tries to -- starting to build some evidence about the effects that policy uncertainty on the economy have. but that's, i would say, still in a preliminary stage. we don't know how important those effects are. we think the primary source of uncertainty that's holding back household spending and business investment and hiring is uncertainty about the income the households will have and dema
. caller: as he talks about rebuilding infrastructure and at the end of this month, we will face a debt ceiling once again. why is it that we send $700 million to cairo to rebuild their source systems? host: what else do you think about foreign policy? is there anything you want the president to talk about? caller: i more care about the infrastructure of this country and our jobs are being shipped overseas. i want to know what he will do to bring the jobs back. host: do you think we will hear concrete ideas in terms of jobs? the white house says there are four areas of interest -- manufacturing is one but infrastructure is another. jobs and how to build the economy are there. they say is a combination of all proposals he has tried to get passed in the four years and he does not had success. guest: i think the caller has the idea that a lot of our federal spending is being diverted to foreign aid. most people are surprised to learn that it is less than 1% of the budget. if you look at federal spending, the entitlement programs are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the rest of go
the debt ceiling shutdown of is 2011 part of the deal was either find 1.2 trillion in cuts or automatic cuts will kick in. >>, it pushed it back until march 1st. now we're getting closer to march 1st congress does not have a deal on their cuts. we are approaching 5 billion in cuts coming up on march 1st. the real concern is what it will have on defense spending. also concerns on our economy. it could take a half a percentage point on the gb p growth. if congress does not act. >> this morning a delaware court has remained closed after three people were killed there. it happen yesterday in washington. we've just learned within a few last-minute the gunmen was the next work in loss of one of the victims'. witnesses saw the shooter into the courthouse, pull out a pistol and fired at two women. >> than the shooter exchanged gunfire with police before falling to the floor. >> it is 7:10 a.m. we will be back with more. a warming trend is digging into day. we have slow traffic on 101 northbound. >> we will be right [ whirring ] [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. bu
, the debt ceiling deadline of may 19th, the time, ladies and gentlemen, where we -- if we can work together, if we can work together as a -- the representatives of the people of this great country come together and find the solutions that will get us on the pro-growth path because you can't balance the budget solely on raising taxes. you can't blansz the budget sewly on spending reductions. you've got to get the economy rolling again, and for us, that means appropriate tax reform. it means savings, strengthening medicare, medicaid, social security, programs currently on the path for bankruptcy. means adopting a scene energy program for the country so with are independent so we stop sending money overseas over and over and over, and it means recognizing we're a red tape regulation nation now destroying the ability for small businesses to create jobs. pro-growth policies get us out of the dull drums we're in now. the challenge as the fourth of state. i don't ask you to driveway with us on any of these, but i challenge you to make certain that as you look at these proposals, that you treat all
? >> not at all. the only thing that would spook them, michelle, would be the debt ceiling. and the issue is whether a couple of months of sequester and maybe vary short government shutdown isn't enough to prompt the two sides to speak, all while we're doing price discovery and budget resolutions, we're finally getting one from the senate. >> should we hope for one at this point? >> i had someone yesterday use the word lame duck already. there's not going to be me deal with congress. congress is not going to be very amenable to talking or at least the house and the president doesn't really seem very amenable to talk to him. so he's going to do everything through executive order so there will be no corporate tax reform, there will be no big dooelg deal on entitlements. those moments have passed and that was last year or the year before. never mind. >> when they did the deal of raising taxes on 400,000, you have to blow up a lot of opportunities to get things done. it will be difficult od tax reform, oregon individual. a lot of us would like to say corporate tax reform. >> everybody says th
infrastructure, and at the end of this, at the end of this month we're going to face a debt ceiling once again. but why is it that we spend $700 million in cairo to rebuild their sow we are systems -- suer systems? >> host: so, craig, what else do you think about foreign policy? what's your opinion about other international nudes -- news? >> >> caller: i more care about the infrastructure of this country and how our jobs are being shipped overseas. so i want to know what he's going to do to bring the jobs back. >> host: okay. so, anita kumar, do you think he'll hear concrete ideas on jobs? there's the economy on one hand, and our caller wants to hear about infrastructure in particular. >> guest: well, the white house says there are four areas of interest and manufacturing is one, but infrastructure is another. so those jobs and how to grow the economy are supposed to be there. so we'll seement they also said it's a come combination of old proposals that he has tried to get past in the last four years and has been unable and also new proposals. >> guest: on the question of the infrastructure, i
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